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Taylor Ham egg and cheese
Hand Rolled Bagels
Bagful O Bagels
Bagel Sandwich

Monday-Friday 6AM - 2PM    Saturday & Sunday 7AM- 2PM

Hours Effective January 29, 2024  |  Grill Off 1:45PM

Lafayette, New Jersey

Hand Rolled, Boiled & Baked Since 1999!

A Perfect 10.... $10.00

This Weeks Specials!

Perfect 10’s that come with a soda can, sub. Gatorade, Snapple, or Arizona

Perfect 10’s that comes with Lil ’Fries, can substitute tots.

We can make anything above on any day of the week at regular price.

Additional Items charge accordingly *plus sales tax applicable.

  • Chicken Fingers with a side of BBQ or Honey Mustard and lil Fries

  • 8oz Cheeseburger & Lil Fries

  • Turkey and Swiss in a wrap with Russian and slaw, paired with a soda

  • Chicken Cutlet on a roll with bacon, American, ranch & lil fries

  • Cheesesteak sub, onion, American and lil fries

  • Chicken Salad, American cheese in a wrap, lettuce, tomato and a soda

  • Chicken cutlet, on a roll with ham, Swiss, honey mustard, and lil fries

  • Pastrami, Swiss, Kraut, Russian Dressing on grilled rye & lil fries

  • Egg salad and bacon, in a wrap, lettuce, tomato and a soda

  • Chicken Parm, on a roll with sauce, mozzarella cheese & lil fries

  • Turkey with provolone, sweet peppers, mustard on grilled rye & lil fries

  • Italian Warp, ham, salami, prov. LTO, OV, mayo & a soda

  • Chicken cutlet on a roll with bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ & lil fries

  • Pastrami, prov. slaw, Russian dressing on grilled rye and lil fries

  • Tuna salad, cheddar cheese in a wrap, lettuce, tomato, & a soda

We will be closed Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024

News & Specials

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